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24 April 1992 and where are my presents?
Not schooling & going back D;.
Smoking is my life & slacking is my hobbby .
Best viewed in Singapore .
Stay or kindly fcuk off

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You guys are irreplaceable ;D
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Friday, April 16, 2010 @ 4:01 PM
The blog will stay like this .

@ 3:54 PM
Hellos Everyone ;D
Bad news ~
I leaving on Saturday , 8.15am the flight .
Hais .
Sadded D;
Read Russell blog , Tears dropped down ...
Really going miss everyone ! D;
Takecare everyone !
Love you all in Singapore ;D
I will try to still contact with everyone ! ;D Loves !

Thursday, April 15, 2010 @ 8:26 AM

Hmmm Today is the 15 April & lets guess what day and why is it important ! ;D
Anyone can guess ? ~
Hahas .
Its Russell Chew ShiYao Birthday !
One of my dearest Baby ;D ( Irreplaceable )
Sorry i cant get any presents for you .
Hope you will like this post Hahas .
Hmm 16 years old already wor ~
2 more years & you are a man . * Winks * ( you know what i mean when you reach 18 right ? Shk ) ;D
16 , 16 , 16 ~
So old liao . Must takecare yourself once i gone ;D
Last long with Eunice ShunNu okay ?
Hope she is okay ;D

Last thing ~
Happy birthday to you ~
Happy birthday to you ~
Happy birthday to Baby Chew ~
Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuu ~
(Claps claps claps ;D ) Give Russell a birthday kiss Muahahahas ;D

@ 8:00 AM
3 Days left ~
Hmmm time is almost up for me .
Not going have so much time in Singapore D;
Later going to School and take Class photo with my classmate ;D
Happy ! ;D
Jinghan invited me to take de .
Hahas ;D
Love the 1+ years we spent together as a class ! ;D
3/5 & 4/5 Rocks to the core ! ;D

To every Brothers & Sisters & Gans & friends .
Takecare of yourself while i gone okay ? ;D
Dun get intro any trouble ! ;x
I wont be there to accompany you all and enjoy the times with you all .
But trust me , you all are unreplaceable ;D
I will always remember the times we are together and i enjoy it to the max ;D
Trying to pull myself up and not crying ;x I silly i know .
You guys are always in my heart and i will remember every single of you all .
Love you all to the max max max !

Kaiying , takecare yourself while i gone .
Dun always quarrel with your mummy Hahas .
I being kpo i know ;x
Dont know if you will still read my blog but i just post it ba .
Study hard and aim for the Poly / Jc you want to go ;D
Jiayou jiayou jiayou ~
And last long with Sean , you two are a great couple from what i can see ;D

Wooohooo ~
Short post ;D Hahas .

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 @ 4:11 PM

Yesterday went to Farrer Park ;D Took pictures with my brothers and sister ! ;D Hahas . Let the pictures do the talking ~ Love everyone in the picture ! ;D

@ 4:00 PM

Hello Readers ! ;D
Hahas .
I still in Singapore .
But left 4 more days and i not D;
Days are passing by fast ~
I scare i will cry D;
I miss my Brothers , Sisters , Gans , Friends ! D;
I dun want go D;
Hais .

Last week , Russell parents open a Chalet for us .
Hmmm to celebrate Russell , Benben and mine birthday . ;D
Hahas .
Had alot of fun , I will never forget this day !
People who are there : Russell , Weixiong , Angela ,
JinTai , Benben , Mingcong , QianJin , ChinKent , Jack , Rabbit&Friends , Nevin and me ;D ( Did i miss out anyone ? )
Let the pictures do the talking ba ~ ;D

Love my brothers , sisters , gans , friends & ex in Singapore . D;
Wont be able to be there for you all .
Hopefully i will be able to come back ba D;
Tears dropping as i post .
Sigh >.< Love everyone <3

Thursday, April 8, 2010 @ 12:46 PM

Hellos Readers ;D Hahas .
Having group photos with all my brothers and sisters.
I leaving on 18 April . Its confirm !
Hais .
This Saturday , 10 April there is a Chalet .
Russell dad open just for me Hahas .
Thank you Russell Dad .
And it is at East Coast there . ;D
Gonna have fun !
Angkong for me is coming soon ~